On My Wedding Day

I will be getting married today. Actually, this post is scheduled for the exact time of my wedding, so if you are reading this I am already a married man. That’s a weird thought, that Lindsey and I will be together in the eyes of our friends, our families, and our God. It’s exciting and sobering all at once.

To my friends I want to say thank you for seeing me through my life so far. Joining me today at my wedding will be two friends who I have known since elementary school, a host of college friends, a group of the most loving people I have ever met, and my church community. I’m a blessed man by any measure, and the quality of my friends show the evidence. They have seen me through the best times and the worst times and I am unbelievably thankful for them.

To my family, words cannot express my thanks enough. I have two wonderful parents. They have been great role models and have led myself and my sisters to know what a loving, Christian home looks like. My sisters have grown up to be great friends of mine as adults. I truly value their friendship and love. My extended family has been such a big part of my life that it feels like a disservice to lump them all into one group, but to them I truly say that you have had deep and lasting impacts on my life and I value you all.

My grandmothers will be here today, and I am grateful beyond measure that they are. This year was tough for all of us as we said goodbye to both of my grandfathers, and I wish they could see this day as well. They would have loved Lindsey so much that I am grieved that they are not here.

Which brings me to the woman of the hour, my beloved. Lindsey,  you have changed my life in so many ways. There was a time not too long ago when I thought I would never meet a woman that I could marry, much less a woman like you. You are a living, breathing demonstration of God’s love and grace to me. We love so many of the same things, yet are so different. I am constantly learning new things about you, and my love for you is ever-deepening.

A day like today is one of possibilities, hopes, dreams, and plans. We do not know what life holds in store for us. We could have our world changed forever by a phone call. We could experience joy and happiness for the rest of our lives, or could struggle with things we cannot imagine now. No matter what Providence brings my vows today mean the world to me. I will be with you and beside you for the rest of my days. As we have to each other many times over the last few months, there is no way out but the grave– and nothing could excite me more.

I have a tough standard to live up to as a husband, I am called to love you as Christ loves His church. I will not be perfect, I will fail. I pray that our marriage will be one filled with grace and love. I pray that our relationship will strengthen even as we are weak. I pray that we overflow will love and grace for all of those around us.

I have never been more excited than I am on this day. Aside from the day I met Christ, no day will mean more to me or loom as large in my story.

Today I choose you, you choose me. Our lives will never be the same… and that is a great thing!

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