I’m going to wear a white dress today. I’m going to walk down an aisle beside my father.

I’ll pass by my friends– the friends that have seen me through everything. There will be friends from youth, friends from college, friends from work and from church. I will see their wide smiles and cell phones poised to take my picture.

Then I will pass my family. There will be tears– joyous tears– and many of them. Mom will smile through hers. I’ll smile back. It’s happening, Mom. It’s really happening.

The man at the end of the aisle, well, he will be mine by the end of this whole thing. We’re ready– oh man, are we ready. I can’t anticipate his face. Of course, there will be a smile, but I’m pretty sure the expression is one I will have never seen before. It should be. I have been his girlfriend and his fiance, but this will be the first time he’ll be looking upon his bride.

There will be a ceremony. Mallory will hold my bouquet and straighten my train. But more importantly, she’ll be the one standing beside me on the most important day of my life since the day I gave my heart to Jesus. Daniel will be up there with the groomsmen. He’ll smile at his big sister, even though she made him trim his facial hair today.

Family will sing. Friends will read and pray. Best friends will wear my favorite color for the first (and most likely only) time in their lives and watch over us.

Tyson will share a message. It will be a good message, though I don’t know if I will be listening. I will be trying to grasp what is happening and savor the sweet moment, for today, I enter into a covenant with Brian and God. We will promise ourselves to each other forever. We will vow to demonstrate Christ to one another daily, to think of the other first, to serve the other, to love the other.

Tyson will announce us. I will have a new last name. And when I return back down that aisle, I will be Brian’s wife. His forever.

We will laugh and take pictures. And I will be his forever. We will eat barbecue and dance.  And I will be his forever. We will hug our friends and our families and be so grateful for their love and support. And I will be his. Forever.

I am going to wear a white dress today.

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