Change Is Moving In

While we are away on our honeymoon we have a few posts lined up and scheduled in the likely case we are too busy to post anything. So, enjoy this auto-scheduled content while we enjoy the beach, a few pina coladas, and I’m hoping enough Jimmy Buffet to drive Lindsey crazy. 🙂

I am writing this on Monday, the 5th. In 5 days I will be married, and I am just now starting to grasp the depth of the impact on my daily world (I’m a slow learner sometimes…). After a weekend of getting the house ready for Lindsey to move in, I appreciate the massive amount to change that is about to come my way.

Sitting here at this moment I have no idea of what exactly will be changing, but it is obvious that my life was missing something. I knew I needed a partner, a helpmate, someone to share love and life with. But as much as I knew I needed it, I’m not certain exactly how I need it, how that partner would fit into my life. The picture is becoming clearer though.

Lindsey is bringing her sweet spirit and heart, her love for the weak and oppressed, her desire to know God and grow and much, much more to this home and I cannot be thankful enough for it. She is changing the way I see the world and the way I see her. I’m marrying a truly remarkable woman, and I cannot wait to see the ways in which she makes my life better, and I certainly hope that I return the favor to an even larger degree.

Here is the point, I am sitting in a clean living room, the wedding gifts are sorted and stacked, there is more open closet space than there has ever been and my garage is full of donations for the Salvation Army. We spent the weekend clearing out my old stuff so she can move in. I willingly and solely did things that I hate to do around the house, and with a real sense of joy. It was a shock and surprise to be honest. I mean, let’s face it, I am lazy. But the sense of calm and clear that comes with this is surprising. Not only am I cleaning out the actual junk in my house but through our relationship so far, the premarital counseling through our church and the other things we have done to prepare I feel like I am cleaning out the junk in my mind and soul. It’s an all around housecleaning.

I think this is how it should be. This should feel exactly as it does: clean, free and optimistic. It’s a fresh start, a wiping away of an old life that often centered on selfishness and replacing it with a relationship based on loving, serving and supporting each other. It’s a radical shift in my life, but one I am more than ready for.

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