A funny story…

It’s called Memory Lane. And I wanted it. I wanted it so badly I could taste it.

Mom and I sat there in the office as they walked us through the ammenities. I was sold. This is where I would be getting married. I would be married in Dripping Springs, my home. There was only one small problem… our date was unavailable. See, there was one date that we could get married that worked for EVERYONE. One date in the entire spring– unless we wanted to wait until summer– and we didn’t want to wait.

My attempt to cajole Brian into switching “our date” (which would have ultimately meant that someone dear to us would miss the wedding– NOT an option) resulted in a bit of humor. Brian joked, “Hey. Call up Memory Lane and ask them to give us the name of the couple getting married on March 10th, and we’ll just try to break them up!”

Switch to March 13th, three days after the wedding. Brian and I are in Jamaica at a resort waiting in a martini lounge until there is a table available for us to eat downstairs. The bar is crowded with hungry patrons and we are seated at a table for four. A young couple approaches and asks if the other two seats are taken. Brian graciously goes to the bar, seeing as my martini glass is empty. I remain at the table with the new arrivals and conversation ensues.

Pretty girl: “Hey! Where are you guys from?”

Me (proudly): “Austin, TX.”

Pretty girl: “Really? Me, too! Are you guys here are your honeymoon?”

Me: “Yes, we got married on Saturday.”

Pretty girl: “Us, too! In Dripping Springs!”

Screeching halt.

Instantly, I know who these people are. I know where they got married. I know what I did to them in my heart those many months before. That’s right, folks– this is the couple that got married at Memory Lane on “our date.” God has a sense of humor.

We love Jordan and Taylor. We hung out with them after dinner. They are lovely, and we are cruel. I know that we were joking, but these people are real, their relationship is real, and in God’s eyes, what we do in our hearts– we actually do. Brian and I had to meet Jordan and Taylor to realize that even joking the way we did was wrong.

And I learned a valuable lesson that I will take back with me to the classroom next week. You see, God has a great deal to teach us– we are broken, stubborn, prideful, and arrogant students. Sometimes he has to put our sin directly in front of us for it to even occur to us that we have done is wrong. And it helps when He wraps it in some humor. So, of all the martini bars in all the world, Jordan and Taylor walked right into ours.

3 thoughts on “A funny story…

  1. That’s HYSTERICAL!!!!! I love how God works…never in a million years would any of us have imagined that! 🙂 Its so easy for us to “forget” or sin or justify it in some way…especially in the name of “oh, I was only kidding”. However, our words and thoughts can be so hateful! We’d never want people to say things about us the way we can talk about other people. Good lesson for all of us to learn from!

    Glad you made some new friends!!!! 🙂

  2. You’re right, it was a great reminder of the evil that sits just under the surface in all of us. Thank God for the mercy He shows us!

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