Recollections of the Wedding Day

Note: This was written the day after the wedding, but we did not have a chance to post it then. Enjoy!

My lovely wife (wife! What a great word!) is sleeping next to me on the plane right now as we head off on the honeymoon. We’re exhausted, just wiped out by yesterday.

But it was great! It was so good, we just can’t seem to stop talking about it. If you read our post that went up this morning on wedding planning advice you might get a different impression, but that is just one side of the coin. This is the other side.

The day started for me in the best way possible. About a month ago I had an idea after discussing the wedding plan with Lindsey. I asked my good friend Carlton to help me out and he graciously agreed to host a prayer breakfast time at his house. As a result the start of my day was bathed in prayer from men who have the most influence in my life and faith.

My day was obviously filled with family as well, which was a great thing thing. All of them made the trip to Austin from Oklahoma and we were so pleased to have them here. At one point in the morning we had what felt like every single relative from my dad’s side of the family in my (now our) house and I was so happy to see it. I remember thinking several times that I am so blessed.

Of course, for those of you who were there I bet there is one thing you all will remember for a long time. For the ceremony we crammed 200 people into a space that fit about 50. You see, in the month with the lowest average rainfall, where the average high temp is 72 degrees and in a state that has been woefully bereft of rain in the last year, it poured on our wedding day. It was not just a little rain either. As my best man Justin put it, “God sent the second flood.”

So, the plan for the outdoor garden wedding was scrapped, the outdoor seating for the reception was moved inside resulting in an intimate ceremony. It was great!

Of course, there was confusion and a few miscues. Almost everyone stood and more than a few folks could not actually see us. And the best man performed heroically and delivered the missing communion wine at the last second. Well done, sir.

The ceremony was great, the reception was a blast, and at about 9:15 Lindsey and I decided to take our show on the road. It was a wonderful time and a wonderful day. In a few weeks we’ll get the pictures back and share some of them here.

I wil truly remember the day as the second greatest in my life. All the things we talked about in planning are still true, but we had a great time. Now we have the exciting part, the marriage.

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