The new reality

We got home late last night– it was a 19 hour travel day. Brian carried his wife over the threshold (in a white sundress– I’m all about the details!), even though we were both practically zombies.

Our first day back in Austin as man and wife was spent in true “old married people” fashion: we did tons of laundry, planned meals for the week and grocery shopped, and also laid on the couch and watched some shows on the DVR. I once mocked such behaviors, insisting that weekends were for going out and doing all sorts of fun and exciting things. And while the Lindsey of that time may have had some valid points, the Lindsey of today had a pretty stellar day. Any day spent with Brian is wonderful (and feel free to throw that back at me after you read my first “I’m so pissed at my husband post”).

We haven’t been apart since we said “I do” and all of that changes tomorrow. I mean, sure, we’ve had bathroom breaks and Brian went sailing sans first mate the day after the oh-so-fun windless sailing trip, but we’ve essentially been together for eight days straight. It’s been incredible– truly. I’m so in love with this man (he’s sitting next to me and I just gave him the goofiest grin) and spending all of this time with him has just made me love him even more.

So the question floating around in my head right now is what happens tomorrow? What happens when I go to school and he goes to work? What happens when we come home? What is our new reality?

My stance right now is that I really liked the “Jamaica reality” of the last seven days (and yes, I do understand that there are oh-so-many things wrong with that comment, especially the fact that the version of Jamaica that was fed to me was in no way a reality– but I liked it, so hush). I loved the honeymoon version of us where we were so ridiculously smitten that EVERYONE knew we were newlyweds. Alas, all great things must come to an end… but it’s not really an end, is it?

Since the day of the wedding, we’ve heard so many heartfelt comments about how marriage an incredible decision and a wonderful journey, etcetera etcetera. If I try to keep us in Jamaica, or even safe inside our north Austin home, we aren’t really on that journey or experiencing anything (besides countless hours of television). We have to live our lives now as husband and wife out there. 

Not knowing how to end this blog post, I just looked up and asked my handsome husband what his thoughts were about this upcoming week and our new “reality.” As I was not specific in my inquiry, the anticipated abstract response I had hoped for was, instead, a very practical look at the week ahead:  I begin my two daily commutes, I have two medical procedures this week, he has no idea what he is walking into at work tomorrow, I’m still trying to integrate myself into this house (i.e. I’m living out of bags and boxes with my most needed items still at my parents’ house), we have tons of presents to open, we don’t know where anything went after the wedding– and the list continues.

I just laugh at his response (in addition to the sudden pangs of stress I felt) because our differences are highlighted once more: I’m the feeler, and he’s the thinker. Yes, I think thoughts, and yes, Brian feels feelings– these are not exclusive roles– but together, we will live a much better “reality” than we did separately. So, I guess I’m glad I asked him (minus the stress pangs) because he reminded me that no matter what happens tomorrow, we have each other, and that’s a reality that I can definitely look forward to.

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