Two Days

We’ve had two days of work and real life since the honeymoon. It’s been eye-opening in a few small ways.

First, we have grand plans for our life together, especially our daily life. But as we all know from the famous quote, “no battle plan survives contact with the enemy”. One of the things we talked about in the last few weeks was the idea of getting back to more traditional  rhythms of life and being together in those. Wake up around the same time, see each other in the morning, eat dinner together (at a table, no TV, etc.), spend time in the Bible each evening, then go to bed together. Repeat everyday. Or so we hoped.

Lindsey has to leave so early for school because of the drive and I am the exact opposite of a morning person. For two days in a row I woke up just enough to say good bye and then went back to sleep. So, 0 for 2.

Dinner is only a slightly different story. We had a great dinner last night… and it was only about an hour and a half later than planned. It ate up most of the evening as a result. We did our Bible study and prayer and it was great. Off to bed a bit late after one TV show and the first day was done.

Now, many of our readers who have been married for years will probably roll their eyes at this (the probability of me rolling my eyes at this in 3 months? 82%). But the truth is, we’d like to be different than the average. We want a home that is centered around us, not around our schedules. We want a home where the priority is our marriage, not external expectations. But, for now we obviously have a lot to learn. Which is good. It’s only been two days.

2 thoughts on “Two Days

  1. you’re right! Its only been two days. Your marriage will be what you make of it. Don’t let the “eye-rollers” make an impression on you. People told Ken and I that I only cooked 5-6 times a week b/c we were newly weds. Not true. Cooking is a passion. I love it and its a stress relief. Its what we do. Will this season of life change? Maybe, but it will be on our terms not b/c we’re not “newly-weds” anymore. Give yourself a break. This is all very new, so give it a few months to work itself out. A couple that mentored us before we got married said they come together as a couple (and then as a family afterward with their 7 kids!) at the beginning of each year to review the previous year: what worked, what didn’t work, what they want to do differently, new things to try, get rid of what didn’t work, revamp last year’s “plan” and then they pick a verse as a family that will be their “motto” for that new year. We love this idea. Have we done it? No. But, we usually come together when we realize something isn’t working. Its easier when your just a couple and kids aren’t involved just b/c your time isn’t consumed with their schedules. Anyway—all of that to say, maybe you two sit down every month or every other month and figure out what’s working and what’s not working. Its okay to realize that somethings just may not work for the two of you….it doesn’t mean you failed. It means that you figure out a new plan for your marriage. Not based on others’ marriages, but yours! You two are in this together…you’re the team. You can’t be a ministry to others unless you are nurturing each other the way that works best for you two. Love y’all!

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