The first Saturday

Today was our first Saturday together. Well, the first real one anyway– since last Saturday was spent traveling. We wanted to do it right– so we somehow managed to be equally restful and fun. Go Lundins!

We started out the morning sleeping in a bit and then headed to the farmer’s market. Brian has this vision for us to eat real, organic, healthy food, and the book he reread on the honeymoon kept mentioning a farmer’s market. This one did not resemble any farmer’s market I’ve ever been to, with only two organic vegetable booths out of the twenty, but it was delightful. We bought a whole duck, which I think may become its own post in the days to come.

Then, we met friends at Alamo Drafthouse for The Hunger Games. It was good but you should read the book– as always. And this is the most magical part of the day– we managed to fit in an entire couple’s nap. It was a good one and it allowed us to rest up for the trek to Dripping Springs.

Dinner at the ranch was great– my first trip out there since the wedding. We had a wonderful visit, caught up on the past two weeks, met Mallory’s new boyfriend, and devoured a scrumptious meal. We then loaded up the car with as many of my personal belongings as would fit (I’m still in the process of moving) and came home.

We fit a lot in, but still had a pretty chill day. I think I’m going to like the whole married-Saturday-thing.

1 thought on “The first Saturday

  1. Married-saturdays are FABULOUS!!! 🙂 Well, married-everyday is fabulous. haha! But, yeah…the days when you don’t have anything to do but do life together is just humbling!

    I agree…The Hunger Games. The book was WAY better. I expected more out of the movie. It was still good, but I felt like it was missing something.

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