My Lesson to Learn

I had a conversation today with a good friend at work who I don’t see nearly enough. He asked me about how the marriage was going, and we talked about it for a bit. It was good to catch up with him.

Walking away from the conversation I kept thinking about one thing that I had said, a new truth that I have discovered. We were talking about what I have learned so far. I told him, “When we disagree on something if I stop and put myself in her shoes then the conversation goes well and we both leave it in a good place. If I just react from my own point of view, well, it tends to go badly.”

This is true, and I can see it so clearly in the last few weeks. Now, the trick of course is to actually do that all the time. I have not quite mastered that.

Our selfish desires are so hard-wired into our consciousness that we can never defeat that initial burst of selfishness totally. It’s sinful to be selfish in this way, and I need God to change my behavior in this area as He has done in so many other ways (and I’m still praying for Him to do in even more).

Jesus had compassion on the people He ministered to on earth as well as His people today. My mission in this marriage is to love Lindsey as Christ loves us. If I cannot fully learn this lesson and if He does not change my heart I can never love Lindsey in the way I want to. So, tonight, that is my prayer.

2 thoughts on “My Lesson to Learn

  1. I know that marriage represents Christ and the Church, but its so interesting to learn things in marriage that can help us in everyday life as well. What you just learned about your relationship is really how we should interact with all people so that they see the love of Christ. We may not always agree with the other person, but if we could actually think about the situation from their point of view, sometimes it helps us to love them as Christ would. Good thoughts today!

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