I have had SO many people ask me what in the world Brian was doing when I wrote the “Insanity” post last Sunday. I didn’t tell them, and I won’t tell you. Some things in marriage are sacred πŸ˜‰

I have learned SO much about Brian in the past few weeks– things you only get to know about someone by living with them. And one thing that not many people know about my husband is that he’s funny– and when I say “funny,” I mean that he is laugh out loud, fall off the couch, snort a little, tears streaming down face, let out a little toot funny. (For the record, he’s not as funny as I am, but we can’t all be so gifted…)

Strangely, not everyone believes me when I tell them this. They look at me like I’m too in love to know my hand from a toadstool!

They know the intellectual, scholarly side of my husband, or the bookish, nerdy side of my husband. Some know the eager to discuss politics or current issues side, and everyone knows the verbose side of him. And yet others know the computer gaming, uber geeky, code writing, reads-so-much-information-in-one-day-and retains-it-all-in-a-bizzaro/freakish-sort-of-way side of him. And then, there’s Brian the photographer, Brian the fly fisherman, Brian the scuba diver, Brian the beer brewer, Brian the poker player, Brian the painter, Brian the screenwriter, and Brian the rookie-theologian. So why don’t you all know that he’s freakin’ hilarious, too?! Wouldn’t you have to be to be ALL those things, AND the greatest thing since sliced bread (she says, as she looks down and her hands begin to look very toadstool-like)?!

The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that I will NOT be telling you what Brian was doing to cause me to write “Insanity” and I know that it’s driving some of you crazy and YES, I do get some sort of sick satisfaction at knowing that. Mwahahahaha!

4 thoughts on “Mwahahaha

  1. You know, people are going to think I’m way more awesome than I am with you posting stuff like this. Maybe we need to balance it out? I can write about either, A. How awesome you are, or B. How not-awesome I really am. What do you think? πŸ˜‰

    Seriously though, I really appreciate the kind words. I think the world of you too.

    • Should we inform our readers that I only write my posts when I’m in really really good moods or really really in love with you πŸ˜‰

  2. Brian, go with A. writing about how awesome she is too. Also, I wouldn’t say your “not-awesome” just sometimes you might be “momentarily awesome-challenged” or you may have a “momentary lapse of awesome” or “temporary out-of-awesome experance?”

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