The plan for today

I had a plan for today.

I had an amazing plan. I was going to unpack the suitcases and boxes in the dresser and closet. Our bedroom floor would finally be clear of my personal debris and I would no longer be looking for work clothes in boxes in the morning, but rather, in the closet like a normal human being.

Brian had a plan for today.

Brian was going to get his garage back. He was going to break down all of the gift boxes and packages and prepare it for the recycle pickup. He was also going to get the Salvation Army to finally return his call and set up a pickup. He would no longer be parking in the guest parking, but rather, in his own garage.

Our day began like any other Saturday.

We whispered to each other as we woke up. We told each other about our crazy dreams and snuggled. And then the conversation moved to God. I confessed to Brian that God had been working on my heart to surrender everything to Him and that I was scared to do so. Brian and I talked about what it is like to love and submit to a sovereign God. Then we got up.

Brian checked his phone.

He had missed a call from his mother… a call about his dad… a call that said that the doctors were investigating his heart and may need to take action. Brian returned the call to find out that his dad would need heart surgery.

Our plans went out the window in an instant. Who cares about clothing in dressers or boxes in recycle bins? This is family. This is what matters.

We snapped into action, thinking we would be leaving for Tulsa immediately. Clothes were flung into the washer, plans were tweaked, new plans for the day were negotiated. As I worked relentlessly to wash everything Brian owns, we found out that the surgery would not happen until Monday. Plans changed again. They changed several times today.

Today was a strange day, though simultaneously glorious. Brian and I joke about being “Team Lundin” but today, I saw us in action. We are a team– and a pretty good one at that.

Brian’s dad is doing alright at the moment. We will leave tomorrow after the early service at church and head to Tulsa. I will return Monday night on a plane and Brian will drive back later. This is the current plan, though we know that plans change.

This is one of our first challenges as man and wife. I say “our” even though I can’t even fathom what Brian is going through at the moment. He has an amazing perspective on the entire thing– this is the BEST way that this issue in his father’s body could be discovered, and now he is going in with the BEST surgeon in the city with great odds on his side. Brian is able to see that this is actually a blessing in a tragedy’s disguise.

So, tomorrow our little team heads up to Tulsa (yes– Lola, too!) to be there for the surgery on Monday. But plans change. Ours do, but God’s plans do not– and we hold tight to that promise.

3 thoughts on “The plan for today

  1. Praying for y’all!!! I hate hearing this, but love that we can rest in God’s sovereignty!

    I have to say that one of the best things about marriage is that you get to go through the trials as a team! Its so nice to have someone else walk with you in hard times and know you carry part of the burden for the other. Its truly one of God’s most precious blessings!

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