So… we’re a little different

There’s this romantic movie out right now and the trailer keeps playing on TV. Brian makes noises every time it comes on. There’s an army guy and he finds a girl whose picture saved his life or something along those lines. I may hear an “Ugh!” or an “Oh geez…” or my personal favorite, “Girls are so weird!”

The movie appeals to me. There’s a man who falls in love with a girl he’s never met and then searches her out. There’s the connection, there’s the pursuit, and then as the trailer promises– there’s passion. Of course I want to see it! But this fact is shear insanity to my husband. He informed me tonight that I’m wired all wrong.

And now as if to further illustrate our vast differences, after a dinner and ‘How I Met Your Mother” together, we find ourselves on separate floors of the house equally content with our own versions of fun.

My husband is downstairs at the kitchen table making flies for fly fishing. Look at the pictures– it’s super dorky! He can’t help himself. When he wants to learn something new, he can’t just try it out– he must master it. So, no store-bought flies for this fisherman– he’s making them himself from dyed patches of deer pelt. True story.

Me? I’m upstairs, equally content with my own version of fun. I chopped all my hair off today and bought a microderm abrasion set. I’m such a girl right now. I have to see what curls look like, what straight looks like, what my shortened ponytail looks like. And next I get to play with my new kit and spend some time treating my skin. I’m elated. When I told this to Brian, he looked at me like I was a crazy person, hugged me, and told me that he loves me.

Boys are girls are different. And the longer we live together, the more differences will rise to the surface. And maybe I am “wired all wrong” in the eyes of my husband, but if pressed, he would tell you that he wouldn’t have me any other way. I’m sure of it πŸ˜‰



3 thoughts on “So… we’re a little different

  1. CUTE HAIR!!!!! I love it! πŸ™‚

    Well, I have to say that when that movie trailer played last night, I laughed out loud. And, I said out loud, “this movie looks so stupid.” I was surprised when my husband asked why. However, I know he will NEVER want to see it. What I believe happened is he hasn’t REALLY watched the whole thing. He sees that its about war and that a picture of a woman keeps this man alive. What I really think he missed is that the man has NEVER met this woman!!!! If it was his wife or girlfriend, I completely believe that would keep him alive!!! What I think is ridiculous about the movie is that men don’t usually act emotionally like women do. So if a man found a picture of a pretty woman, he’s not going to fall in love with her, survive war for her and then spend his life searching for her. That’s the part that makes me laugh. A woman would TOTALLY do that, but not a man.

    With that said, I do love a good chick-flick, but after I got married I learned that its more fun to take a group of girls to it than it is to drag the husband. Its not fun for him. He’s only going b/c I want him to…and then I extremely disappointed when he isn’t all sappy with me after its over. He’s just happy its OVER! haha! There are a few that I’ve asked him to go to…”The Hunger Games”, but I figured there would be enough action to keep his attention. πŸ™‚

    Its fun to see the differences that men and women have once you’re married. They do keep showing up, but if you really make every attempt to appreciate the differences, instead of getting frustrated, it really gives such a new perspective to God’s design!

  2. Ok…so my husband enlightened me on the REAL plot of the movie. I came home the other night and talked about this blog post. He said that the lead actor saw a picture on the ground and went to get which led to him avoiding death. So he felt indebted to this woman for saving his life and when he returned to the US he reached out to her. He then finds out that her husband died in the same war. SO, I guess its not as stupid as I was making it sound. He still doesn’t want to see it, BUT he does think the storyline is clever. πŸ™‚ I had to come back and post b/c I found out I was wrong about the plot and had to add this to my original post.

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