A Must See

I was a little notorious in college. I stalked someone. I hunted him down. And then, when I found him, I did a couple of things that make me blush and cringe a tad to this day.

I stalked Donald Miller, a Christian author. He came to speak during REZ Week on campus, but I managed to sneak and/or break into pretty much every other event or non-event he appeared at throughout the week. I think my most incredible moment of stalker-dom (and there were many) was when I snuck into the campus pastor chat with Don and tried to blend in amongst the middle aged and older men in the room. I HAD to see him. And then, in an effort to immortalize myself in his mind, I (jokingly) asked him to sign my bra in front of two of my own pastors while he signed my giant stack of books. Classy, Linz.

I didn’t stalk Don because he’s a sex-symbol or on TV or even a star. I stalked him because he wrote a book that truly spoke to my heart, Blue Like Jazz. (True, I may have confused my feelings and also thought I would marry him as well, but that’s an entirely different blog post about a very young and sad girl…) And now that book has been turned in to a movie that comes out on Friday. THIS Friday.

The journey from book to movie was a long one and only made possible by the contributions of thousands of fans who truly believe that this message needs to be heard by a wider audience. It has been called controversial, but narrow-minded people always find something to gripe about. There are certain truths about growing up in the church that are hard to hear sometimes.

Brian and I saw the movie when Don and the director and star toured with it last month. It’s wonderful– truly, a must see! Brian and I are going on Friday, opening night, and I encourage you to do the same. The movie industry works in numbers and THIS is the important weekend. The movie will only be allowed to remain in theaters and possibly expand to more if THIS weekend is a success.

So, watch the trailer now, but see Blue Like Jazz THIS WEEKEND!

BRIAN ADDS: I love this movie, and I love this book. I just want to add my endorsement.

We had a chance to see this movie a few weeks ago because we contributed to the production. The movie was having a very hard time getting Hollywood funding because it was ‘Christian’ and ironically enough none of the ‘Christian’ filmmakers were interested because it was not “family-friendly” and “Christian” enough. Well, more than 6,000 people like Lindsey and I believed in this project and we joined up through Kickstarter to fund the movie.  This is a movie that was literally brought to the big screen by believers who think there is an important message here.

As writers who serve in our church, write about our own lives and walks with Christ, and would love to see that ministry of ours grow, we value art in the life of the church and in the life of the Christian. We need diverse voices in the Christian art world. We need art that challenges us to think, grow, and question our presuppositions. We think this book, and now this movie, do just that.

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