Let’s try this again…

It’s Friday, which means that while driving home, the weekend begins.

Brian and I have now had a few weekends together, all very different, though I’m starting to notice a definite trend: we have the best and most productive of intentions for our weekends but we turn out to be epic to-do list failures. That, or we have an evil anti-“to-do” list fairy in our house. Can’t tell.

Now, I know that everyone has those things that they simply can’t find the time to do. I get that. I get that we will never actually complete all of the to-do’s in our heads and blah blah blah. And I know that I happen to be an ambitious planner, so I probably over-estimate what I can really get done. But Brian and I have the darnedest ability to say “I’m going to take care of ______ this weekend” and that ______ happens to very thing that won’t get done.

My husband already has a couple of things on his to-do list for this weekend, but I’m trying to figure out my plan of action. Maybe if I don’t make a to-do list then whatever curse keeps destroying my productive plans will be averted. Take that, evil fairy! Or maybe if I just pick ONE major thing (though, knowing what I need to do– how could I?!) then maybe I’ll have a chance to actually get it done. Hmm. I’m stumped.

And then there are the commitments, the things that are already planned for us to do: Blue Like Jazz (an awesome movie that you MUST SEE) tonight, brunch with Laura tomorrow, church and a wedding on Sunday. But what will I accomplish in the in-between times? What will Brian accomplish? In our new epic battle with the evil fairy, who will win– me or her?

…I’m feeling feisty.

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