Pre-Marital Counseling Series: Introduction

Today we start a new series about pre-marital counseling. We found our counseling so helpful that we want to share what we learned. Over the next few weeks we will have a few posts on the topic of pre-marital counseling, our experience with it, and how it has impacted our marriage.

Why was it such a good idea? As I told someone recently, we’ve learned that you need to plan for the marriage at least as much as you plan for the wedding. Getting married and being married are two completely different things.

We are committed partners of the Austin Stone Community Church so it was important for us to be married by our church and follow their recommendations and process.  It was one of the best decisions we’ve made. We would encourage anyone who is getting married to go through counseling, and we would recommend that you start with your home church if you have one.

We were very happy with the program at the Stone. It was pretty intensive, in fact more intensive than any other similar program I have heard of. We met with a mentor couple who facilitated the sessions, we had a good bit of reading each week and several sermons to listen to. I was skeptical going in, but honestly it was the best thing we did before marriage.

In this series we will not go through each week of material or try to re-teach any of it. Instead we want to give you a sense of what we learned that was really valuable. We just want to share the experience with you because it was so meaningful. We hope you get something out of it as well.

7 thoughts on “Pre-Marital Counseling Series: Introduction

  1. Looking forward to reading your pre-marital counseling material- I feel like this is the biggest study-session for the biggest test (and biggest joy) of life 🙂

    • Thanks Jenn. The next post in this series will be tomorrow (Monday). Glad you’re looking forward to it, because we are too!

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