The public ‘we’

Tonight was the first night that Brian and I were invited over as a couple. True, we’ve been invited to several gatherings since our wedding, but this was the first time that just the two of us were invited over for dinner. We felt pretty special.

We had dinner with our dear friend, Jill. What a wonderful hostess! We were treated to a delicious (and highly nutritious) meal as well as delightful conversation. I didn’t want to leave. I was having such fun.

We’re still figuring out how we interact in public– when to interrupt, when to hold back, when to tell a story, and when to keep one between us. With Jill it’s easier– she knows us very well and she is already privy quite a bit. I only squirmed a tad when Brian shared a story I wasn’t ready to made public yet (comical, coming from two people who blog openly abut their marriage…) but I knew there would be no judgment from Jill and quickly calmed back down.

Brian is a talker and I tend to be as well, but I’m not an aggressive conversationalist and will sit in the background if there are others who are. Brian would prefer that I did not do this but has not perfected the art of pulling me into a conversation yet and we’re working on that one. I just hate to interrupt and find that by the time there is a lull, the subject of conversation has already changed. With my husband– if he has something to say, then he says it. We are such different personalities…

All that to say, we had a lovely evening and I truly enjoy going places with my husband. We are learning to compliment each other in public as well as we do in private and it’s an exciting journey. And with friends like Jill who love on us and seek to pour into us, it’ll be an enjoyable one.

1 thought on “The public ‘we’

  1. I LOVED having y’all over and TRUST me, I didn’t want you to leave either!!! We’ll do it again when I don’t have a skype date. 🙂 AND, was the advertisement just for me b/c I hate cats and we’re having margaritas next weekend? LOL!!! I love y’all and I’m glad you enjoyed the meal too. 🙂

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