The dress

I put my wedding dress back on today.

We arranged this before the wedding– our photographers call it a “day after” shoot. You put the dress and the tux back on and take more relaxed photos together.

It became even more important to me when the monsoon came on our wedding day and we didn’t get any of the outdoor photos I wanted together. Today we had a blue sky, tons of interesting clouds, and a significant amount of wind (which made things difficult at times but I think really added to some of the shots).

It was strange and comforting to put the dress back on. I am not the same size I was a month ago, so I was a tad fearful, but the second I put it on, memories of the happiest day of my life came flooding back. I wore that dress the day I became a wife, the day Brian and I became a “we.”

Brian couldn’t take his eyes off of me all day. I’ve never felt more beautiful than in the past seven weeks. Brian tells me how beautiful I am all the time. I heard evil whispers in my head after I cut my hair saying that my beauty was gone. And then a sweet voice inside me told the evil voice that my beauty was never in my hair in the first place. Brian makes that sweet voice inside speak louder every time he tells me that he loves me and that I am his and that he is blessed to have me as his wife.

In a few years, I hope I that the sweet voice has grown so strong and loud that I can hardly hear that evil voice at all.

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