We’re even!

So… I did something embarrassing. Mortifying, even.

Brian was there, and ultimately, had a very unique role in the recovery from the incident. I have hated this fact. I have hated that I did something so embarrassing that my face turns red to this day and Brian was there to see it. Ugh! I am supposed to be beautiful and lovely and classy all the time, but will never fully be because of the embarrassing moment that will forever be etched on the memory of my husband.

But yesterday, things changed. We’re even. Brian had his own equally mortifying moment, and though I didn’t have to take a special role in his like he took in mine, I was a witness and that is enough.

I know that we swore we won’t keep score in our marriage. We said that we won’t trade favors and we will not keep a mental tally sheet. We will love and serve the other regardless of what was done for us. But this score is different and I cherish the fact that now we are even 🙂

We will never share the other’s embarrassing moment with strangers. We are sworn to secrecy– so don’t even try it. We will keep the moments confidential and only pick on each other playfully in private.

And I will smile knowing that at least in my own world, everything feels a bit more equitable today 😉

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