Cookies don’t belong in the fridge

I don’t have all the answers. I don’t even have some of the answers most of the time. It’s hard for me to admit, and the folks who know me well are no doubt shocked to hear me admit it. But it’s true. Other people are right more often than I am. I mean, it’s really a question of odds.

The aforementioned, non-refrigerated, cookies.

It is a hard truth for me to face. I like being right often, I even pride myself on it, though that is a mistake.

In the picture to the right, that’s a note my wife left me this morning after I put fresh baked cookies in the fridge overnight. I mean a fridge keeps things good longer, right? I thought it was the right call.

Well, apparently not. The cookies were decidedly better non-refrigerated than refrigerated, as my wife certainly knew they would be. I am sure that some one, some where has cookies that belong in the fridge, but these are not those cookies.

Of course, the note from Lindsey was meant to be funny (and it was, I laughed for a good solid minute because I could just see the expression on her face as she wrote it…), but it is a great reminder that I don’t know it all. It’s a reminder that God put this woman in my life for a reason– well for many reasons actually. But some of them, maybe even the chief reasons, are to help me, to advise me, and know things I just don’t know.

I am thankful He made her for that purpose. Even with our struggles, life is so much better with this helpmate by my side. It’s not perfect, and being married doesn’t really solve your problems, but it’s a great thing.

So thank you God for this woman you gave me. And for her non-refrigerated oatmeal cookies– they’re super tasty.

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