The countdown is on

As a teacher, I live on a slightly different schedule than that of my husband and friends. I live in a land with terms and semesters– much like I did in college. My life revolves around three week interims, nine week grading periods, and a winter break, spring break, and the blessed summer break.

I was sick today and had to stay home. But since I’m taking a financial hit every time I take a day off at this point (thanks to our days off getting cut in half and all of my medical visits this year), I knew that when I finally woke up I was going to have to make the hit worth it. So I did what teachers do on a day off– I graded.

Brian was working from home today. He had conference calls and worked on his laptop at the kitchen table. But in the in-between times, I took a break from grading and he from work, and we had some unexpected quality time together. We had a morning break, lunch, and an afternoon break together… and it was wonderful! It was made even better when I realized that this was a small glimpse at what my summer will be like.

Brian works from home on certain afternoons and sometimes days in a week. In 16 days, this will be my summer reality. And even better– I won’t have any grading to do!

I’ve been so overwhelmed lately and perpetually behind. I can’t believe the piles of thank you cards still to write, the gifts still in boxes, the belongings to unpack, the closets to organize, the projects and papers to grade, and then all the regular life stuff on top of that. I had not even allowed myself to think about summer yet. Not until today.

I’m curious to see how having me around the house so much will impact our marriage. I’m anxious to finish projects and get us organized. I have classes I want to take and things I want to accomplish personally. It was exciting today to let my mind begin to ponder these things. 16 days…

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