A wonderful night


This is my wife enjoying the sauce from my ravioli. She loves tomatoes. And cheese. We’ll get back to that later.

Tonight was a wonderful night in the most normal sense. Our great friends Mike and Erin are moving to Portland in a few weeks, and tonight was their goodbye Happy Hour. Lindsey drove up and met me and some of my colleagues after work. We had a good night, it was nice to have her here to say goodbye to our friends.

While it was not the first time I realized this, I recognized again this evening that I love having my wife by my side. She is wonderful and charming and everyone seems to love her. Which is totally understandable. It was a joy to have her with me.

From there I took her to a local Italian restaurant in Round Rock that she had not been to. They have a great lasagna, Lindsey’s favorite, and some really good ravioli, which is mine. Of course as mentioned, Lindsey likes her tomato sauce so there was sharing. Even with the window leaking from the rain and literally flooding us out of our table, it was a fun and relaxing dinner.

What was great about tonight was not just having Lindsey by my side, or having a fun dinner. It’s the difference she has made. I was talking to someone at the Happy Hour that I have not seen in awhile and we were talking about the changes in the last year. In that conversation I realized, again, how happy I am.

It may sound trite, but a night with our friends and a great dinner together is a great, albeit simple, pleasure. I love my wife. I love having her with me. I love being around her.

This married life thing is more than alright. It’s great.

1 thought on “A wonderful night

  1. So far one of my most favorite things about marriage is getting to go do all the things you did before, but you have someone to experience it with and share life with…and then they go home with you too! Its the most incredible thing! Plus, I think that married-“dating” is the best!!!! There’s no awkwardness, no pressure, no “will he/she call me again”…its like going out with my best friend, but never having to say “good-bye”. And then there is the bonus of godly, secure, bonding sex! Its AWESOME!

    So thankful y’all are enjoying every single minute of marriage!

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