A simple observation

Because I talk a lot (I mean a whole lot), most of what I say is not memorable and does not stick around long. However, once in a while I say something that causes me to really think, and dwell on it a bit. Tonight, before our community group gathering this happened to me and I have been thinking about it all night.

I said to a friend, “I’d tell any person that was single, don’t rush it. Finding the right person is more important that just not being lonely.”

It might seem simple when I say it now, but it stuck with me all night. And the more I think about this the more I see the truth in it. But she is not the right one for me because of some magical twist, or fated meeting. She was not some sort of magical soulmate who I was destined to be with, rather she is the one for me because I chose her, and she chose me.

We have to make decisions in life. Everyday we get up, go to work, interact with people we love and then do it again the next day. All of this is a choice. You have to choose to live. You choose how to live. No matter what your view of Providence, the sovereignty of God, fate or free will in the end you still act. The reason Lindsey is the right one for me is because we chose each other. That’s it. No magic, no fairy dust, no funny romantic comedy plot line.

So like I said, finding the right person is important. Once that commitment is made they are “the one” for you. So don’t rush it. Choose wisely. Then for the rest of your days, love them as God loves you.

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