A day full of nothing

Today Lindsey and I had a wonderful day full of… well… not much.

We slept in. We enjoyed our time together. We ate breakfast and laughed at each other’s jokes. I got some reading done, Lindsey indulged in her pleasure in cleaning. We ate lunch. I worked on a writing project and Lindsey cuddled with the dog on the couch. We closed out the day by going to church with our friends and an episode of Game of Thrones. As I told Lindsey a few moments ago it was a normal, but great Sunday. We need more of these days.

Lindsey’s days are full of children, 11 year-olds to be precise. I cannot imagine a more horrific fate, but she loves it. She truly loves teaching them. But, there are two weeks left and it seems to be wearing on everyone’s nerves. They don’t want to be there. She’s trying to prep them for a final, but no one listens. The teachers are restless, the kids are restless. Every day wipes her out. She needs a weekend like this.

My job is not quite so exhausting, but it wears on me nonetheless. I need weekends at home with my wife doing nothing. I need the reading time, I need the time to write, and I need the time with her.

We’re settling into quite the nice little married life. We know our days won’t all be this easy, and we are ready for those other-days. But, forgive us for wanting more days like today.

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