Syncing up our lives

Lindsey and I are very different people in some ways. There may be no better example of this than first thing in the morning. What do I mean? Well, so far ‘first thing in the morning’ has been about 2.5 hours apart for us just to start.

Additionally, she is just so dang perky in the morning it’s almost irritating. Or is it that I am so cranky that I can’t enjoy anything before coffee and a shower? Hmmm… probably a bit of both.

But this morning was different. I intentionally got up just a little after her and tried to start our morning around the same time. It’s not that I’m any help to her in the mornings, we’ve already proven that I just slow her down, but I was tired of going to bed a few hours after she did. For a couple of reasons, it just did not feel right.

It was great this morning. I was able to say goodbye to her for real, get a cup of coffee, read my Bible, and get a bit of work done on a new writing project– all before my normal workday started. If those are the benefits of being a morning person on top of being more in sync with my wife, then sign me up.

So, for this week I am trying to go to bed as close to the same time as her as possible, and wake up early. We’ll see how long this works… Now, off to bed with me.

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