Affect with an “a”

I tell my students all the time that the choices they make now will affect things in the future. The future I’m referring to in their cases could be the next five minutes or later in the school year. It usually doesn’t go beyond that for them. And they can still make radical life changes at their age. They can because no one is relying on them for anything– they are the dependents. I find this situation interesting because my students don’t understand the concept of “affecting” others. They’re so wrapped up in themselves and their own lives that it doesn’t make sense to them. Heck– they think the word begins with an e!

But for me, I understand that word all too well. My actions and choices affect others. And now they seriously affect another. The longer we’re married, the more I am made aware that so much of what I do or don’t do affects my husband– for good or for bad. And when there’s a big decision, like a major life decision, I have to think about how it affects me, him, and us. Oh yeah– and the future us.

That’s where I am today. It’s major life decision time and the decision making process has changed.

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