Four Ways I Know My Wife Loves Me

Ok women, this post is for you. Err, well, I think most of our posts are for women if you look at our Facebook page (shameless plug, like us!). Anyway, here is what I have learned in two and a half months. 😉

From a man’s perspective, the four ways I know my wife loves me:

1. She believes in me

Whenever I get a crazy idea, or just come back around to an old one, Lindsey is always on my side. She jumps on what I’ve said or asked, provides insight, and pushes me to do my best work. When I write she is my sounding board and editor, when I cook she is honest and helps figure out how to keep making things better, and when I doubt she reassures me. You know that saying, behind every great man is a great woman? I’m not great, but I know she is.

2. She trusts me

Even though I am not perfect (I know, it’s not a shock) Lindsey believes and trusts me. When it comes to a decision, an opinion, or simply the little things, Lindsey consistently shows me that she believes in me and what I say. Now, she doesn’t think everything I say is true, or that  every decision is wise, but there is a consistent pattern that shows she has great trust in me. That is critical, the trust must be deep and run both ways.

3. She tells me so

Too simple, you say? Nope. Not all men are as talkative or as willing to be mushy as I am, but I can say with confidence that we need to hear this just like you do. Just don’t be surprised that we won’t always react the same way.

4.  She stands behind me in public

When I am involved in something important outside the house, like at work, church, etc., she is always supportive and right there with me. Whatever discussions have been had or differing opinions offered, we consciously present a united front to the world. This is a joint thing, with each of us supporting the other and bending here and there. I don’t think its value can be overestimated.

2 thoughts on “Four Ways I Know My Wife Loves Me

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