Gummies and lace

I went to a lingerie shower tonight.

I’ve been to several of these over the years. I love that the older we get, the nicer and classier the lingerie gets. In my youth, these events included edible undies, naughty toys, crotchless items– tacky and hilarious objects that come from stores you would never walk into with your mother. Ever.

But now we’re older. We have more money and more taste, and half of us are married. Now lingerie showers are pretty classy events with much more practical and elegant gifts. There are many “oohs” and “awes.” Guests keep asking where that gift was purchased because they want one too. I’ve never heard anyone ask where the gummy bra is from.

By far my favorite part of tonight was something unexpected. Tonight, I got to share my experience. It was so surprising that I had experience to share!

I’m a married lady now. I have gone before and I lived to tell the tale. Well, maybe it’s not that epic, but it felt that way tonight. I get to share with my friends who get married, just as my married friends did with me, what my experience was like and any wisdom I’ve acquired on the journey.

PS- It doesn’t really matter because it just ends up on the floor anyways šŸ™‚

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