The biggest problem in my marriage

Tonight and tomorrow morning Lindsey and I are attending the Austin Stone’s Marriage Seminar with Paul Tripp. It’s kind of an odd way to celebrate the start of her summer, but we had a great time of learning together tonight.

We’ll save a longer post for later, but Lindsey and I walked away from tonight’s session talking about one key point that Paul Tripp made. I am the biggest problem in my marriage. Me, it’s me.

No… it wasn’t a male bashing tonight. The idea we both really loved is this: in your marriage you are the biggest problem. Sure, there are all sorts of bad things that happen to us, without cause, and we can certainly be wronged. But, because we are imperfect, because none of us are without sin, we bring a self-centered nature to the relationship that, unchecked, will destroy the relationship. In a marriage, both husband and wife are at fault when there are issues, because we are all sinful.

Only when we can admit this, to ourselves, our spouse, and to God can we start to address this sin and the effect it has on our marriage.

It was a big insight, it had us talking. We are really looking forward to tomorrow’s sessions.

2 thoughts on “The biggest problem in my marriage

  1. I love reading your posts. I have missed so many of them but I will go back and catch up. Every time George and I attent a marriage seminar we have always come away with at least a few really good ideas that stick with us. We have found they are always worth attending. At times I don’t think my marriage could never be better. But it can !!!!! All through our marriage George or I have always had dreams where we lost each other. We will wake the other one up — always scared. I think it helps keep you closer.

    • Thanks, Scheryl! The seminar was really great– we need to post some of what we learned on the blog. And I appreciate wisdom from you guys who have been at this for a while. Keep it coming! Love you and can’t wait to se you at the reunion!

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