Excavating my past

In the spirit of getting to everything I put off during the school year, I went home to the ranch to (partially) fulfill a promise to my mother.

My room at home, where I was living for five months before the wedding, was a mess. A wreck. Disgusting. I’ve lived at home several times post college and it has never actually been cleaned out from high school. There were literal layers of my history– high school awards, college textbooks, sorority knick knacks, Turkish pillowcases, Starbucks aprons, African jewelry, items from my classroom, and then all kinds of wedding stuff. It was like excavating my personal past.



Brian and I have taken FOUR loads of stuff from the ranch. Today I completely filled Brian’s car for trip number FIVE. I still couldn’t fit everything in the car, which means there will be at least on more trip. But I did manage to turn the wasted space into a guest bedroom in three and a half hours. A small miracle.



Brian and I will reach the three month married mark on Sunday. There’s still so much to be done to fully bring these two lives together. Well, the stuff from the two lives anyway… It isn’t done begrudgingly. It’s actually still all very exciting.

There’s barely room the car for me!

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