Three Months Ago

Three months ago today I married the love of my life. This afternoon we are going to the wedding of our good friends Rachel and Ben. All of this has me thinking about that day and the words we said. So today, I thought I would post the words our pastor charged us with, and the promises we made to each other.

The Charge to Brian

Lead. With humility, selflessness, sacrifice that knows no bounds, constantly speaking, acting, and responding to Lindsey for the purpose of her heart falling deeper in love with God. Persevere and endure through the times of difficulty. Hold her. Lead her. And know that non of this is remotely possible if you are not trusting God to lead you. Lead Lindsey to love the Word deeply. Wash her in the Word. Lead her to serve the broken. Lead in a way that causes the world around you to see how Jesus leads us.

The Charge to Lindsey

Show grace to Brian.Serve him. Care for him. Encourage him. Speak truth and pray for him. Surrender to his leadership in a selfless, Godly way. Persevere and endure through the time of difficulty. Pursue righteousness and surrender in a way that will show the world around you how we are to surrender to Jesus.


I dedicate this marriage today
And our hem tomorrow
To the Lordship of Jesus Christ
I will never leave you or forsake you
Where you will go, I will go
Where you will live, I will live
Where you will die, I will die
Your people will be my people
And your God my God
May the Lord bring anguish upon me
If anything but death separates us
I give all of myself to you.

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