The stay at home wife

I have become the stay at home wife.

Now that school is out, I’m home all the time. I am excited to take care of my husband and my home. I’ve been baking, cooking meals, doing laundry, organizing and unpacking– all sorts of wifely duties. Today was consumed by laundry, ironing, cooking, grocery shopping, and finding permanent homes for some of my things. So, after dinner dishes were cleaned up and I sat back to review my day, I couldn’t figure out what I’d really done.

I thought about it for a while. I mean… the fridge is full and so is my husband’s belly, the hamper is empty, all Brian’s work clothes are ironed, and there are clean sheets on the bed. Things were accomplished today, but yet, I didn’t feel accomplished.

I mulled over this for a while. Then, it hit me– in doing what I did today, it allowed Brian to do what he did today. My husband had important work calls to be on. He was on time for them, caffeinated, and fed. Brian is working on something for a ministry at church. He had a chance to work on it while I did the grocery shopping and cooked dinner. Then tonight, we were able to lounge on the couch after dinner, watch a show, and then talk and laugh. We were not worrying about the laundry or chores, because they were done.

I am fulfilling an important role right now: I’m serving my husband. It’s beautiful, really. It’s what we promised each other that we would do on our wedding day. And now, with summer, I get a chance to live out that promise and serve a little extra.

2 thoughts on “The stay at home wife

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