Those two crazy kids

I don’t like to kiss and tell… but Sunday night I was kissing my husband…

I don’t know if it was the weekend of wedding festivities for our dear friends, or that we were excited about the three month mark, but Brian and I spent an hour Sunday evening smiling and laughing and revisiting our promises to one another. It was such a sweet time.

I expressed to Brian that sometimes I’m so shocked that he’s still here. Then, I’m even more shocked that he wants to be. Brian is convinced that he’s getting the better end of this whole relationship– which just proves how little he knows…

We giggled and whispered, and then looked right at each other and reiterated the vow: forever.

I’m not trying to make anyone gag here. I know it’s pretty mushy. But I guess I’m just hoping that every so often, just like Sunday night, my husband and I will act like those two crazy kids who fell in love.

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