This is for the NPR

“So… you could bake some chocolate chip cookies. They’re my favorite,” he says.

My immediate thoughts: I already have dessert planned for our guest tonight–We’re leaving town tomorrow and won’t even be here to eat them– Why does he act like they’re aren’t any sweets in the house when I went grocery shopping yesterday– And how am I supposed to lose weight with cookies on the counter?

My response: I look up a killer chocolate chip cookie recipe, go to the grocery store, and make an entire batch of deliciousness. They’re coming out of the oven when my husband walks through the door. Why? Because I love my husband and want to make him happy.

I frustrate Brian. I annoy Brian. I drive him crazy at times. I test his patience, I steal his covers, and I listen to NPR. The least I can do is bake him cookies when he says he wants cookies.

I won’t always be able to make him happy. I won’t always bring him joy. There will be times he wants something from me that I just can’t deliver…

…but not today 🙂

PS– This recipe really is killer. I think it’s the almond extract. I’m a huge fan of all five recipes I’ve tried from this site (and yes, I do use their flour– the organic): King Arthur Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

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