First reunion in the books

Well, my first Davidson reunion is in the books. Now, for those of you not in Lindsey’s family you have to understand this is a very big deal. I think I heard about it for the first time on our first date. So, in any terms this was monumentous.

The day was good, and I was reminded what family traditions are like, from the outside. Every change from the past is noted and opined upon. Fond memories from the past are the prime topic of conversation and every idiosyncrasy is on display. It’s wonderful.

It was good to have time with Lindsey’s family. We haven’t seen them much lately so it was very nice. That part of Oklahoma is just beautiful and I love being down there. It really was a blast.

Oh, Lindsey created a Mad Lib for me to commemorate the occasion, my results are below. Enjoy!

Davidson Family Reunion Mad Libs

The Davidson Family Reunion was (interesting). We woke up early in the morning and made the (too early) drive to the (beautiful) (place where bad guys hid). When we got there, I couldn’t believe my eyes! (Multiple unknown family members) was (rocking) the (sweet mullets)!

I (voraciously) went through the potluck buffet. (Fried) (chicken) and (tasty)(meatballs) (filled) my (tummy). Then, I met (a ton) of (Okie) family. The most intriguing family member was (name) who I found out has (interesting factoid). The craziest moment was when (name(s)) (past tense verb) the (adjective) (noun).Nothing crazy happened, but everybody talked about being inside instead of outside as in years past. Lindsey was (thrilled) about the whole thing.

All in all, I had a (excellent) time and I think we’ll (happily) be at the reunion in the future.

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