A fun night with family

Tonight Lindsey and I met up with her sister Mallory and her boyfriend Joe. We met at one of my favorite places downtown, Kung Fu Saloon, a wonderful mix of video games and a great beer selection. It was a blast.

Oh, they also have oversize Jenga. Which is awesome, and we played several games of it against Mallory and Joe.

Lindsey is not competitive, and I am… well… the opposite. I love competition, to a possibly unhealthy degree. There was a point tonight where Lindsey and I were talking privately, dealing with strategy and tactics in order to dominate the game. Less than ten seconds later the following conversation ensued:

Lindsey: (to Mallory) No, not that one. It will fall!

Brian: Hey! I just told you that!

Lindsey: So?

Brian: Why did you tell her that? We’re trying to win!

Lindsey: But she’s my sister…

So… there you have it. My wife is unbelievably uncompetitive. In fact you could say she is anti-competitive. *Sigh*

Here are some pictures from the night. We had a blast, and I love hanging out with Lindsey’s sister. She’s kinds of awesome, but not as awesome as the Carter sister I landed. 😉

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