Story Team

Brian and I are both on the Austin Stone Story Team. This is a group of artists within our church that want to tell the stories of what God is doing. Photographers, writers, and editors collaborate to share these amazing stories.

Brian was already on the Story Team when I met him. He’s a writer– a pretty good one. I was so envious when he first told me about the team. It sounded like something I really wanted to be a part of, and the knowledge that he had been selected for it made me think it would be quite some time before I’d have the chance to join.

I was wrong. Thank goodness! The Story Team got to a point where they needed editors and Brian helped to get me connected. Eventually, I’d like to write, but for now, the blog entires and my own personal journal keep me plenty busy. With the wedding and end-of-the-school-year craziness, I wasn’t able to actually edit a story until June.

It was marvelous– my own wondrous word puzzle to solve! Writers submit 650-800 word stories. Editors produce a 300 and 650 word edit from the original story. The 300 word edit was the previously mentioned puzzle of fun– literally removing more than half of the words and maintaining the writer’s original storyline– awesome!!! I was fortunate and my story was really well-written, so my job wasn’t that difficult. But it was still such fun! (Is my word-nerd, grammar-geek side showing yet? Hmm?)

Brian kept checking in on me to see if I needed anything. He probably hadn’t heard me that quiet all summer. I was a woman on a mission– I was going to edit this thing and I was going to do it well! I did run into trouble when I got to the writer’s feedback. I’m supposed to provide feedback to the writer about the changes I made. But I have the problem of knowing that a change needs to be made but NOT knowing the particulars or special language to articulate WHY I changed it. I need work there– maybe a mentor-editor for the next few rounds.

When I finished my edits and uploaded them, Brian gave me an enthusiastic high ten (that’s two high fives, for those of you who need some math practice). It was a shared success. We’re on this team together and serve together. It’s so wonderful to have this shared interest and talent, and then get to DO something with it together. And who knows… maybe someday I’ll get to edit one of Brian’s Story Team stories… mwahahahaha!!!

This past Sunday, the story was in the bulletin (that’s the 300 word edit). The longer version is up on Facebook now. Click below to check it out.

Here’s the story!

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