The lunch tray

I think I overcame something today.

I have this devastating tale. It was the first day of 6th grade. I had the plaid pleated skirt, knee high socks, and I was rocking them.

It happened in the lunch room. I was returning my tray and someone else (who obviously didn’t care about my pleated skirt and knee high socks) spilled chocolate milk. They didn’t clean it up. I slipped on it. My tray and all accoutrements went sailing across the length of the room. All eyes turned back to see the source of the disturbance. They saw me– the source– face down on the ground, with pleated skirt across back and panties in full view.

My poor mother had to make every lunch for me to carry to school until the day I graduated from high school. This was a traumatizing event.

Tonight, my dinner was delivered on a lunch tray– and it was delightful! My dinner, pictured below, was not your typical school lunch, though it was delivered on a lunch tray. One of those corn dogs is wild pork– best corn dog ever!

There will be things in life that are tough. There will be things that traumatize us. But we can’t let those things hold us back. If they had, I wouldn’t have enjoyed these amazing corndogs at Frank. And that would’ve turned trama to tragedy.


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