Lazy Saturdays

Roasted Garlic, Onion and Red Pepper Pizza

Today has been a really great day for me, and maybe a bit less for Lindsey. We were out late last night with our good friend, Laura, and did not get to sleep until many, many hours after Lindsey’s normal bedtime. I’m very much a night owl, and my sweet wife is the exact opposite. We did not wake up until late this morning/midday.

From my point of view it was a great day. We slept in, laid around in bed and just relaxed until after noon. We made a homemade, delicious pizza for lunch and spent the afternoon enjoying a lazy Saturday.  It was great.

But not great for Lindsey. Don’t get me wrong she had a good day, but it was not refreshing for her like it was for me.  I think it actually makes her more tired to sleep in and be lazy. It’s like we are opposites or something.

For Lindsey it’s better if she gets up and gets her day started. She’s happiest when she has made a dent in her to-do list before I even want to open my eyes. As a result, our slow day really had her in a bit of a downer mood. Maybe not downer, but certainly not her perky self. She would have much rather been out and about together, getting things done and doing “Austin things”. I enjoyed the peace and quiet at home.

So, we need to figure this out. How do we spend a weekend together– because we need that time together– but still get each of our very different relaxation days in? I’m not sure yet, but we’re certainly working on it.

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