A morning in Brooklyn

20120710-003614.jpgWe had a great morning exploring Brooklyn. Lindsey has been craving a bagel with lox since we arrived and we made that the first order of business. We found a local shop to fill that need. It was just the kind of place that you know has the good stuff. Old, a tad bit dirty, and that crappy fake cappuccino from a machine that convenience stores offer. That’s fine, because we didn’t go there for the coffee, just delicious bagels. And we found them. We then took them to a nearby park and had a great breakfast. (Oh, bonus pro tip: the secret to a great everything bagel is kosher salt.)

After that we decided to trust Yelp and head to a coffee shop that supposedly has the best espresso in Brooklyn. I can’t vouch for all of Brooklyn, but it’s the best I’ve had in a long time. It was a seriously good latte.

After sitting on a bench watching the city go by for a while, we headed off to a local bookstore. It really reminded me of BookPeople in Austin. It made us realize that as much as we love small bookstores, we really don’t patronize them much. It’s sad, really.

From there we headed to Smith Street to check out Brooklyn Industries, a locally owned clothing shop that makes all of their goods in Brooklyn. It was a blast and we ended up with some cool clothes to take home.

As I type this, Lindsey is sitting across from me chatting with her dear friend from childhood, Heather. We met her for a late dinner in the Village and it was a great time.

Time in New York visiting family is not the same as a vacation on a Caribbean beach, but it’s been just as relaxing.

2 thoughts on “A morning in Brooklyn

  1. Love the Blog and loved seeing your two faces. It was wonderful remembering old times, and it makes me excited to look forward to good times to come! Lots of love, Heather

    • Well, just so you know, Brian made it VERY clear that we are to see you whenever we are anywhere near you. He said I light up when I’m with you– which you and I know to be true! Love you, Heather!!!

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