I bet you expected more fights

I bet you expected more fights to be written about on this blog.

It’s okay, this is a safe place. You can admit it. I bet you initially had a reality TV-like desire to see the rough parts of how two naive youngsters (or at least one youngster and a rapidly-becoming-middle-aged guy) would handle the conflicts of a brand new marriage. Really? You can’t cop to it?

It’s okay, I understand. <wink>

I had a conversation with a coworker today about the blog. She asked me how it was going and I told her it was going really well. She asked if we have blogged any really interesting fights. I told her no, but only because there have not really been any.

Sure, we have had some tense moments, and Lindsey almost threw me off a boat. We blogged those, but that has been about it. No knock-down drag-outs, no major blowups. I know, it’s disappointing.

But the more I thought about it I told my colleague that I think it is partially because of the blog that we have not had those fights. Because we talk about what we post about and because we are really open about what we want to write about our communication is really good right now. Generally we both read each post before it goes up, and conversations and discussion do ensue. I learn a lot about her from those talks, and I bet she does too.

I don’t think you have to start a blog to communicate well, but I do think checking in with your spouse daily about life, you day and the marriage– and being honest about it all– is vital. This blog keeps our communication open, timely, and clear. I think all marriages need that.

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