She makes my life better

You may be asking yourself why I have posted a photo of this bag, and what it has to do with the title above. Because it is proof. It’s proof that Lindsey makes my life better, sometimes in the smallest ways.

There is no point in beating around the bush, so here it is: I am incredibly unorganized. I’m not dirty, I’m not unclean, I’m just very not organized. In fact, if one were to describe my house before Lindsey moved in, one word would probably do the job– disheveled1.

When Lindsey walked into this little bachelor world of mine over a year ago I could see her immediately start planning how she was going to fix it. To her credit, she fought the war with small battles and tiny skirmishes and at this point has basically won. If my unkempt house was WWII France, it has been conquered and a Vichy government of cleanliness and organization has been installed2.

I should not cast this as a defeat though, because in truth it is awesome. That bag above? It’s our travel hamper. She is organizing our clean and dirty clothes on the road to make laundry easier when we get home. Brilliant! I never would have thought of that.

In truth, she makes my life better in a thousand ways, big and small. It’s not laundry and housework that I don’t like doing– it’s much more than that. She shows me how to see things differently, she helps me care for others better, and she changes the way I look at the world. But most important of all, she points me back to my faith.

Lindsey makes my life better, and while I don’t love her because of that, I certainly love her for it.

  1. Not only is this the perfect word to describe my style of housekeeping, it’s also just a great word. ‘Dis-‘ as a prefix indicates a negative or reversing force, yet nothing can be described as ‘sheveled’. The right antonym for disheveled is actually undisheveled. Crazy, right? 
  2. When Lindsey read this line her exact response was, “Did you just make me the Nazis? I’m not okay with being the Nazis!” 

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