The upside of a roadtrip

Today was another travel day. We were in Oklahoma visiting my family this weekend and planning to come back tomorrow, but we had a change in plans and had to drive back early1.

Driving to and from Tulsa is not fun. When I first moved down here the trip took about six and a half hours, now it takes just about eight hours. The construction is just as bad as it’s always been over the last ten years, and the traffic between Dallas and Austin is even worse. Honestly these days it can be a miserable trip.

But now I have someone to help make it a lot better. It goes beyond just helping with the drive, Lindsey just makes the drive more enjoyable. Whether it’s listening to and discussing the podcasts she posted about on Friday, or just talking and laughing, we honestly have a good time together in the car. As regular readers know it’s not always perfect, but more often than not it’s pretty dang good.

Today was a great trip. The entire second half of the trip was taken up with earnest conversations about the coming year and the things we know we have undertaken and will be dealing with. It’s been a crazy four months so far, and we know that there is a lot more to come. With commitments to things at church, a changing workplace for me and big decisions about what we want our married life to be there was plenty to talk about (and too much to catalog here).

But the beauty of this evening’s drive was how different it is now with Lindsey riding along. Just like how I had this terrible drive to do by myself before meeting Lindsey, I used to have problems in life and fears of the future and no one there to help or comfort me. But now I have Lindsey to both lean on and support as our needs go. It’s a wonderful thing, and I’m thankful to have such a great woman to share it with.

The drive is still bad and probably won’t get better anytime soon. But, it’s not so bad now. In fact, it’s turning into  quite the venue for major life decisions.

  1. Don’t worry, nothing is wrong. The reason we had to come back is actually a good thing, but that’s for another post. 

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