Becoming family

I was talking to my mom today and telling her about our weekend in Oklahoma. The purpose of the weekend was to see family– lots of family. And we did.

Brian’s brother-in-law made a comment this weekend about getting to know your spouse’s family. He’s a wise sage in this area– he’s been getting to know Brian’s family for three years. He told me that “you just gotta put in the time.”

Now, I love Brian’s family. No issues there. They are incredible people and I had a wonderful weekend. But he’s right– in order to really understand their dynamics and quirks, traditions and methods, you have to be with them for a while.

When I told my mom about lunch on Saturday, I went on and on about talking to Brian’s high school (and soon to be collegiate) cousins. They are fun, intelligent young men who are a blast to talk to. I told her about how his family knew my favorite color and gave thoughtful gifts. I went on about aunts and uncles and extended family, and then conversations that took place back with his immediate family.

I guess what I realized talking to Mom was that I had a really great weekend. I’m getting to know his family and they’re getting to know me. And if this is just part of the process of “putting in the time,” I’ve got high hopes for these family weekends in the future.

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