Tonight, we saw ‘Dark Knight Rises’ (his choice), and then came home and played Scrabble (my choice). Brian had a lot of fun at the movie– it was a tad dark and evil-driven for my taste, and I had fun annihilating my husband– excuse me, winning at Scrabble.

Honestly, I considered leaving the theater at one point. It was just getting to me. But I knew that if I left and didn’t come back, Brian would start to worry and would not enjoy the film. And the end had a wee bit of redemption, so it got a little better. Conversely, when Brian drew only vowels turn after turn in Scrabble, he considered surrendering– ahem, I mean ending the game. But he stuck with it because he loves me.

Even though it wasn’t the evening we both individually wanted, there was a little give and take and we both had an enjoyable evening.

NOTE: We’ve used this scorecard twice. Poor Brian got terrible tiles both games– probably not kind to post this… 😉

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