What is community?

On this blog we talk a lot about the word “community”. Specifically we talk about “our” community. This usage is not very common, so I want to explain it and why it is so important for us.

Honestly, this is one of those words that Christians of our particular variety tend to overuse and maybe even misuse. You don’t typically hear people say things like, “I want to live in community” or “my community group is really important to me.” It’s just kind of odd to be honest. When most people hear the word community they tend to think of either a really great TV show1 or their town/neighborhood. So I’m sure this is confusing.

So when we talk about community we mean two things. First, it specifically means our missional, community group at church. These are people meet with regularly, study the Bible with, share the deepest things in our lives and love each other like a family. In a real sense this small group is very directly our church. Second and more broadly, we mean the general call we have to cultivate a group of people around us who we love, are involved with, share the ups and the downs of life, and grow with. For both of us this second group is broader, but just as dear to us as the first.

Lindsey and I value community very much, we believe it is essential to a healthy marriage. Without men in my life who ask the tough questions and expect high things of me I can easily slip into being a husband I don’t want to be. By having women who Lindsey is completely open and honest with she is able to grow in her faith and understanding.

Christians use code words way too much. We use them so much I am consciously trying to reduce my use as much as possible. We just end up having these weird words and phrases that no one else understands, and that is not good. And in this case it is particularly egregious. Humans are made for this type of life, this life in community. We are made to love and to be loved. We work best when we are open and honest, it brings out the best in us.

So the next time you read us talk about “community” that is what we mean. It’s important to us, it’s important to our marriage. And we hope you see the value and joy in it too.

  1. I mean really great TV show. Oh, and I’d love to have Abed in my community. Seriously. We could dress up as Batman together and build blanket forts. It’d be awesome. 

2 thoughts on “What is community?

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