Today was a big day, but unfortunately I can’t spill the beans on it yet. I will let Lindsey do that tomorrow as we still have a few i’s to dot and t’s to cross. (Don’t worry mothers, it’s not about grandkids, we would have told you…).

But because of our day Lindsey and I have been thinking and talking about doubt a lot. The fact is that life is not easy. We’re not promised health, happiness, or an easy life. In fact for Christians we are promised hardship and suffering for following Christ. Just look at the 12 apostles, only one of them did not die a violent death through martyrdom. And yes, I know some folks teach differently, but they are wrong. In light of this truth, should we be surprised that we doubt God’s goodness as often as we do?

I’d answer no– and also yes.

Of course it is no surprise we doubt. We are not perfect. We fail all the time, seemingly at everything. Add that to a healthy dose of a world that is broken and unjust and you have the perfect recipe to doubt He is good. But then, there are times when He blesses us unexpectedly. There are the times when things line up right. There are times when the provision we need comes from out of nowhere. And there are the times Lindsey and I look at each other and say, “Why do we ever doubt Him?”

Today was one of those days. More to come.


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