Someone to be proud of

Well, do we have you waiting in suspense? Unfortunately we can’t make our announcement yet. I know, my bad for pumping it up. šŸ™‚ We’ll tell you as soon as we can.

Tonight we spent the evening hanging out with our friends from the Austin Stone Story team. Lindsey and I both serve on the team, I serve as a writer and Lindsey is an editor. We love getting to use our passion and talent for writing to serve our church.

Tonight was one of those times that we all get together as a group and hang out, laugh and just enjoy being around each other. Writers, editors and photographers don’t work together in groups or even see each other, usually the work is done through the internet. So it was great to see everyone face to face.

But as always I come away from nights like this really happy to have Lindsey as my wife. It is wonderful to see her interact with people and I always feel proud to have her with me. It is still a weird feeling almost 5 months in to know that a woman this great chose me.

It’s awesome.

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