Getting the gold

We’ve been watching a lot of Olympics over the past week.

While my favorite is gymnastics, I’ve watched a ton of other sports. I love the stories about the athletes– their backgrounds and struggles, successes and losses. It takes a lot of determination, focus, and endurance to achieve like these athletes. So, I’ve been thinking… if Brian and I were to medal in something, what would it be?

We’re not athletes. Brian is athletic. I’m whatever the opposite of that is. But we both have other giftings and focuses. So, I decided that tonight, Brian and I will award each other with a gold medal.

Brian has decided that I am the best at… drumroll please… housecleaning. Housecleaning?!

I replied, “Really?!”

He then decided to award me with a gold medal for being a great wife. Can’t tell if he’s sucking up or not… but I’ll take it.

Brian would win gold in information intake, a silver in multitasking (he doesn’t get gold because he doesn’t listen well when he multitasks), and a bronze in reading.

I am obviously much better in identifying strengths than my husband 😉 Housecleaning… really?!

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