Watching her be happy

It has been a crazy week. The changes in Lindsey’s employment situation and the ramp up for me on a new project at work ran us ragged. But all of this is good, so it’s okay. The best part for me though is not the fact we’ve had answered prayers and blessings, it is seeing my wife so happy.

She was very happy at her old school. She loved her colleagues, she enjoyed teaching at her hometown school, and she really liked the kids. So when we decided that she needed to look for a new job because the commute was just too nasty she was not fully sold. She knew it was the right thing, but she wasn’t in love with the idea.

To see Lindsey be so happy, so productive, and fall in love with her job and new colleagues has been a huge joy for me. I was really afraid that she would not be provided with a better situation than she had, and it would result in frustration and disappointment. I should have never doubted.

My wife is happy, and I am happy. It’s been one of the longest, good weeks I’ve ever had.

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