A new school year is coming

Growing up a teacher’s kid my sisters and I were more familiar with my elementary school than most other kids. Before and after school we’d hang out in the teacher’s lounge after begging mom for a few bucks for the vending machine, we’d play in the library, or run around the halls.

The most fun was always the last few days of summer. Mom would take us to the school, ostensibly to help in her classroom, but if I recall we actually weren’t that helpful and ended up being sent out of the room to go play. Out there we would find big cardboard boxes and build forts, or we would take some teachers’ rolling desk chairs and push each other down the sloped hallways in a race. It really was a lot of fun.

Today though I was back helping a teacher get her classroom ready, but this time it was my wife’s. It was not as much fun as being a kid, and there was not a single chair race. Disappointing.

On the other hand, it really is a joy to help my wife. Seriously. I have found that I really like being able to help her out, solve a problem she has, or just be there to make her laugh while she is dealing with the stress of too much to do with not enough time.

After seeing the school more, meeting one of her new co-workers, and seeing a few of the kids around, I am even more convinced that this is the right move for Lindsey. She has a lot of work ahead of her, but she will be great at it.

Plus, this woman is a serious classroom decorator. She knows what she’s doing and she will have the best classroom around. She loves this stuff, and even though she is stressed and working day and night, she is so happy. We thank God for that.

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